About DartzDeals

Muscle Dart

DartzDeals is a company that specializes in targeted advertising for small to medium sized businesses in key markets throughout the US. We offer unique and proven products for most smart phones, the web and direct mail postcard packs.

We are headquartered in the heart of Texas – in a very innovative and tech savvy place called Austin.

Our Products

In today’s world, almost everyone is driven by the desire to find the best deals, coupons and values for their favorite brands or businesses.

What we do stands out and delivers superior results. From our postcard packs that are a "square shape" to customizing, building and delivering a branded smart phone app for a business in less than 14 days, we offer solutions that can be easily measured and verified.

We offer four products a company can use for targeted advertising – dartzAPPs, dartzWEB, dartzMOBILE and dartzPRINT. All our products leverage the latest in technology and best practices in order to hit the "bull's-eye" with your ad dollars! That is why Dart – the bull – is our icon.

Where does a business invest to attract the best customers? Please contact us – we have your answers.