Training & Support

Once you decide to become a DartzDealer, no task is more important to your future success than training. We take your success seriously.

We provide initial training, as well as ongoing training for every dealer. Whether there are new products, new people or new market conditions on the horizon, we will provide continuous training and so you can improve your knowledge, confidence and results.

Operations Manual

We’ll start you off with a well-organized and thorough Operations Manual. Every single step in the development of your new business will be documented, starting with the most basic tasks: opening a bank account, obtaining a federal tax identification number and reviewing best practices. We include very specific instructions on the operations of the business, reporting requirements and expected standards of performance.

Headquarters Training

We have a formal training agenda for our “pre-opening” training course at our headquarters in Austin. We review our business model with our dealers and introduce our staff. Our formal training is taught in a classroom setting. Among the dozens of topics included in this portion of training are corporate history and philosophy, pre-opening procedures, daily operations, insurance requirements, vendor relationships and reporting requirements.

These training sessions are lively and interactive. We use a mixture of training formats such as video, lecture, discussion and hands-on work to create an inviting training environment.

On-site Training

The next step of our training program generally involves several days to a week on-site with the dealers in their territory. The amount of time and type of training will depend on the dealer’s prior experience. Our approach and content during the on-site training session will be customized based on the dealer’s unique needs.

This on-site training will focus on topics that assist the dealer to become familiar with the day-to-day operation of their business. Following the completion of on-site training, we will provide the dealer with an overall written evaluation of their training program, referencing both the dealer’s areas of strengths and areas for improvement. We will offer a specific action plan as well as a clear list of objectives for the dealer to focus on in order to ensure a successful launch.

Ongoing Training

In order to make sure the quality of service and the sales results of our dealers are continuously improving, an ongoing training program is a must. New managers, salespeople and employees for the dealer need to be properly trained as they are hired. Existing employees must continue to hone their skills to ensure they are using best practices and proven processes within our business model.

To sustain our dealer standards over time, we offer continuing training programs that require ongoing certification on core competency for any new products, services or procedures that are introduced. These training programs are available via videos, manuals, WebEx and/or classroom sessions.