Why Choose DartzDeals?

We focus on doing two things better than
anyone else.

First, our DartzDeals products delight and satisfy consumers, patrons and club members who use our print, web or mobile products for coupon redemption and research.

We have created a very easy way for consumers to find deals without getting irrelevant content and spam. They will want to share their favorable experiences using our products with friends, family and networks in their city or social groups.

Secondly, our advertisers can easily measure and quantify the success of their targeted advertising campaigns to significantly increase leads and add loyal customers.

Our products allow small to medium-sized businesses to choose an ideal balance of web, print and mobile advertising for their targeted customer acquisition. DartzDeals offers them a “one-stop shop” advertising platform solution. This saves them time and money managing one relationship versus many.

Our Products

We offer four products that target different consumer demographics and usage patterns. Advertisers can choose to use these products either on a stand-alone basis or in concert with other products in an overall marketing plan.

The products we offer include our direct mail post card packs through dartzPRINT, our web-based coupon search tool, dartzWEB, our free, members only smartphone-based application, dartzMOBILE and our branded app’s for business called dartzAPPS.

We also offer dartzSERVICES, our consulting solutions that are available for advertisers looking for help because they may be short on resources, time or experience. Our experienced team of consultants can assist, add value and deliver results for a reasonable investment.

The DartzDeals Team would consider it a privilege to be your trusted advisor and for your business to become another satisfied customer.